Sustainable Building

Blackstone Building Group is committed to reducing your carbon foot print. When possible and economically feasible we implement green building practices during construction, resulting in using fewer resources to build and less energy to operate for years to come. Our energy professionals will guide you through the process of reaching these goals. We believe that additional cost should be recouped within five years for any standard building applications. Solar applications should recouped within seven years. These saving will achieved through lower energy bills as well as increasing the value of your home.

The single most important factor that effects energy consumption in your home is design. Intelligent designed homes cost no more to design or build than a standard home. Most energy efficient practices are very easy to achieve without additional cost. Careful planning early on and collaboration among all participants - Blackstone Building Group, you, your architect and all subcontractors will increase your chances of reaching your goals and building an energy efficient home that provides a healthful home with the least impact on earth and it's ecosystems.


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