Site Development

We have the ability to take an undeveloped site that has no infrastructure (water, sewer and electricity) to site, do proper grading as per plan and paving if needed. If there is an existing structure not a problem. We will demolish or take a more environmentally friendly process of deconstruction in preparation for new construction.

Pre Construction Planning & Value Engineering

Coordinating and guiding clients through the development stages of their project. This may include meetings with architects, interior designers, engineers and other professionals involved with project. This is where vision will start to be translated onto paper. With our experience in preplanning it allows us to prevent you from unwise choices or unnecessary expenses that detract from the pleasure of building your home. This method usually helps clients in designing what is feasible and in their budget.

Post Construction Services

Our relationship doesn't end when your home is complete. You will be provided with a warranty book covering all your appliances, carpets, electronics, paint colors and material schedules. Blackstone Building Group is committed to caring for your home as long as you need us. At the one month, six month and one year mark from completion date we will contact you to schedule a walk through of the work completed by Blackstone Building Group. During this walk through we will evaluate the need for any adjustments. But, of course feel free to call us any time with any questions or concerns and we will promptly address the issues.

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